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Kaspersky Lab

Best Protection. Best Performance. Easiest to Use. Keep it simple, and keep it efficient.

¿Why Kaspersky?

Kaspersky Lab gives our customers the power to protect what matters most to them online. We create effective antivirus and digital security solutions for users worldwide, providing protection for over 400 million people and 270,000 businesses. Our award-winning, innovative technologies help protect your money, privacy and data from malware, ransomware, and sophisticated online threats.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus helps you to protect your PC – and everything that you store on it – against viruses, Trojans, spyware and more. Our award-winning, cloud-assisted security technologies make it easier for you to defend your PC from the very latest threats… and all without slowing you down.

     Helps you keep your PC – and everything on it – safe from viruses, spyware and more

     Combines security & efficiency – so your PC can keep performing as it was designed to

     Simplifies security – so you can manage your PC’s protection via any online device

Kaspersky Internet Security Multidevice 2016* keeps your  information protected. With Kaspersky Lab’s innovative technologies running on your PCs, Mac computers and Android smartphones & tablets, you benefit from rigorous protection for your identity, your finances, your confidential information and your children.

     Automatically adds an extra layer of security when you’re online shopping and banking

     One licence Protects PCs, Mac computers & Android devices

     Anti-Theft Protection

    Real Time Protection

Multidevice – Kaspersky Total security is our Ultimate security solution. ,It ensures all your devices are protected so you can surf, shop & socialize more safely. Our award-winning security helps you to safeguard your privacy, money, photos, files and precious memories from today’s online dangers. Only one licence can be used to protect, PC, macs or Smartphones.

  • Protects your digital footprint against theats
  • It works on PC, Mac or smartphones
  • Safeguard your privacy and protects you from identity theft
  • Adds security layers for online shopping
  • Keeps your family and child safe from online dangers
  • Keeps your passwords
  • Protects your photos, files,music and fianncial data
  • Doesnt affect system performance
  • Makes security easy on all your devices

The digital world doesnt have to be danegrous for your child.


Monitors Communication

You can monitor Facebook public activity. In mobile devices you can monitor calls and SMS.

GPS Location

You can monitor your child location in real time and receive automated emails if he/she leaves the previously setup secured area.

Parental Control

You can specify what pages can your children access to ensure they are age appropiate.

Usage Control

It helps you understand and coach your child on how and when to use mobile devices.


Product comparison

Detailed Features


Protect your digital footprint against online dangers

Hackers are creating new viruses every day, For this reason, our award-winning, cloud-assisted security helps you protect against infections & attacks, blocks banners* & spam, keeps software up-to-date and warns you about dangerous websites – before they’re clicked.

Mac and Mobile Devices

One licence works for all

Our innovated security tecnologies offer multi layer proitection and one license protects your multiple devices. We help you to protect all of your computers and mobile devices… plus you can lock, wipe & locate missing Android phones & tablets.


Procet your privacy against identity theft

We’ll block phishing attacks to help you guard your personal data, prevent online activities being monitored, block unauthorized webcam, use and protect data when any of your devices connects to a public network.


Add aditional layers of security for banking an d online shopping

Everytime you use a Mac or a PC for online purchases; Our unique security technology – Safe Money – helps you to protect your money and account details… to help prevent theft.


It allows you to keep your children safe from online dangers

Our easy to use technologies, helps you find better ways to keep your kids safe block unapropiate sites or content as well as monitor social networks. We can help you keep an eye on your child when using PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.


First class quality without affecting performance

Our protection technologies work ‘behind the scenes’ – and that means your computers and mobile devices can help you to keep up with your busy life.


Simplifies security administration on all your devices

My Kaspersky account, we make it easy for you to manage your family’s security – across all their computers, tablets & phones – from anywhere that you can get online. You can check each device’s security & license status and adjust key security settings.


Protect your photos, Music, Files and financial Data

We’ll help you to create backup copies of all your precious photos, music and files. In addition, data encryption helps to ensure confidential files can’t be read if they’re accessed by criminals or unauthorized users.

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